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Solstice Chronicles: MIA Review

What is Solstice Chronicles: MIA? Do you like top down shooters? Do you like exploding monsters? Do you enjoy running out of ammo?

The classes!

The Story: The story of Solstice Chronicles: MIA is you a marine is defending a site and then suddenly a massive beast comes and swallows you and take you to its lair there you meet your new companion drone who frees you from the clutches of the monsters goo, after being saved you then look for your friend who can get you off the mars back home but you learn how the virus spread after your friend is dying in your arms and you set off to kill the man who trying to spread the virus. So you do your best to stop him.

The cutscenes!

What Is Solstice Chronicles but more in depth? Solstice Chronicles is a top down twin stick shooter that has 4 classes that are called Assault, Demolition, Hellfire and Terminator and your drone which has some abilities that can help but at the cost of increasing the danger meter, we will talk more about the danger meter in the mechanics of the game.

The boss!

The Mechanics: In Solstice Chronicles: MIA your drone which has abilities like scout which scouts for ammo, weapon upgrades and devastating weapons devastating weapons being like a minigun, autocannon and flamethrower all dealing loads of damage and pretty much clearing everything in your path, the second ability is bomb this ability will self-destruct your bot dealing loads of damage but can also do lots of damage to you if your not in the safety ring I never used this ability as never seem to needed it, the 3 being block which just stops monsters from getting close to you pretty simple and the 4th being taunt in the game there is a danger meter and this will rise meaning more enemies will spawn and more dangerous ones  and you have to survive while they all spawn and the more you kill the lower the meter will go making the level a little bit easier but the game is not that hard any ways as most boss fights are not that hard like the last fight is not hard to beat, in the game you can rank up your weapons by shooting enemies and with each rank up your gun becomes just a little bit stronger, there are only a few guns to use and most of them just the same and add nothing new. There are a lot of ablilites as well but you can only have 3 at any time and most of them are pretty usless as I mainly just used the grenade and the flare as it just drew the monsters  and then grenade them easy way of clearing monsters each level you get a few abilty points to spend on your character like increasing movement or increasing target finder use(this is just aimbot).  

Getting to the objective!


  • Fun at times.

  • Great graphics.

  • Easy to pick up and learn.

  • Fun classes.

  • Co-op.


  • Controls are clunky at time.

  • Ammo runs out to fast.

  • Each weapon has the same ammo.

  • Ammo is rare sometimes to get.

  • Levelling up could have been better with challenges.

  • Bosses are boring and nearly the same as the others.


This is a fun game at times but there are just some things that annoy me like how easy the game is and the boss fights are not to interesting I played this on veteran as well but if this is on sale I would recommend getting it for some fun , so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Ironward

Publisher: Nkidu Games Inc.

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