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Tick Tock Isle Review

Few words about the game
Tick Tock Isle is a short 2D puzzle adventure game made by an indie dev team, Squiddershins, that specializes in weirdly fun, small games, and they're definitely are keeping their formula in this one. You're taking over the role of a young guy named Strike and your goal is to basically repair both a clock in an abandoned clock tower and a strange, dysfunctional family. But there's a twist - you need to travel back in time to be able to do that.


  • Simple controls, you're only going to use arrows and occasionally, enter to access inventory / map
  • Calming background music and sound effects that fit the theme perfectly
  • Lovely, pixelated art style
  • The price tag is an absolute steal for what the game offers
  • Long enough to have a bit of fun, yet short enough not to get bored with completely
  • Creative approach to storytelling ...

  • ... that makes the story a bit too random, causing it to actually make no sense at one point
  • Gameplay gets repetitive quickly if the story didn't pull you in

This game would be far more fun, if not the linearity of it. Go left, go right, go left, go right, go up, pick one thing (just because, there's no explanation for some things) and over and over again. But I must admit, it's enjoyable anyway. Randomness of characters is fun to watch, the story is entertaining, I've had a couple good laughs. 100% recommended for anyone who's skimping money on games, but is looking for a quick, yet fun adventure!
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