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Drizzlepath: Genie Review

Few words about the game

Starting off with a game description itself. Drizzlepath: Genie is a game where you are playing as Lula, a girl from a village that lived quite a normal life until a wizard appeared in her dreams and told her to find a Genie. As you walk and explore one of the paths you have chosen, you have the opportunity to listen to an amazing story and be part of a mysterious adventure.


  • The story is really beautiful, written almost like a poem. It tells a tale of a girl we are playing as, of her past and past of people he knew. Every aspect of it is connected and concisely written
  • All I have to say about graphics is that they are gorgeous, the developer did a great job with it. Everywhere you look, you see beautiful views, almost untouched by a human hand
  • Sounds were realistic and clean, music was stunningly climatic and always on point. Together they built such an unforgettable climate, only for this atmosphere game is worth getting it
  • Value of replay is good, 2 different paths to take (didn't finish 2nd one yet) and some secrets to find around. Also, for a great views just to go sightseeing again one time
  • Price is really fair for this kind and amount of content


  • Voicing in this game was good, voice actress have a perfect voice for this game, yet when she tells us story, there is lack of any emotions in her voice. Maybe she was stressed, maybe it's the recording's fault, or maybe it's something completely different, not my field to judge.


  • - No in-game audio settings
  • - Low optimization of graphics
  • - Music loops too often, it's really an issue when a game is trying to create atmosphere using music, and it just cuts off and starts over with the same song for the next 15 minutes. There is also a little voice recordings issue where you clearly can hear a white noise in background when recording starts and ends
  • - You can browse menu only using your mouse, which is really annoying when you play using a gamepad
  • - Models of characters are poor compared to surroundings (just it, as I really don't want to spoil anything)


The game is worth buying if you're looking for an adventure to calm yourself out, just lay back and relax playing something pleasant. Yes, game have some cons, but it's mostly technical stuff and doesn't affect gameplay itself, those advantages are taking over them. I was kinda forced to avoid one or two things because it's surprisingly hard not to spoil the game. You might not find the game attractive if you are not a patient kind of gamer, but I recommend it to every single one of you anyway.
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