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Medieval Dynasty Review

Medieval Dynasty Review

Developer - Render Cube, PublisherToplitz Productions

Hunt, survive, build and lead in the harsh Middle Ages: 

Create your own Medieval Dynasty and ensure its long-lasting prosperity or die trying!

Medieval Dynasty takes you on a journey in a wide, open world scenario, where you become one of the people who are capable in creating large scale settlements.

This game will have you wandering the earth, until you find yourself a peaceful place, will it be peaceful enough from harms way, or will bandits be your downfall? Will you fight or die trying?

Multiplayer will be available in early December! Keep a look out on that, I know I will!


Medieval Dynasty does not have a tutorial, so you'll most likely be learning as you go, it does, however, have a knowledge database that unlocks constantly as you discover new functions and mechanics.

It may not teach you as you would expect, but it's good source to have if you forgot about a certain mechanic, like I did with poisoning and how to wash myself.

This game is large, as it is beautiful. Play in a scenic First person mode, or play in the classic Third person view, whichever you decide to play, you cant miss the amazing views of this world, you'll see what I mean when you step one foot over the hills horizon. 

Just stand there, and take a minute to take it in.

Medieval Dynasty brings you crafting, flirting, cooking, building, hunting and many more things... That's right, I said flirting, in this game you can flirt with women 18+ but no older than 10 years more than you!

But you need to have a certain amount of good hygiene by washing yourself in large lakes or in a bathtub. Not to mention that it may take some time whilst you talk to the woman of your choice before she'll decide to move in with you.

While you do that, think about where you want to build your new settlement, or simply live the peaceful life with your wife and your potential offspring. Yes, you can make babies in this game.

Building is not easy, you must gather your stone tools, and collect the resources yourself, that means a constant back breaking work for bringing streams of logs, sticks, stones. 

Its definitely the most grueling and tedious thing to do, that's for sure, but its also the most rewarding when you complete your first home, the place where it will all begin.

If you go the settlement route, you will also have to provide them with constant food, water and firewood with a home for them to stay in. Building a water well does not automatically assume that you have a water source... As stupid as that sounds.

You can give them jobs, with tools, do they work? No, because you haven't satisfied their needs.

Final Thoughts

As much as I love the game, its a hard to understand the basics, there is not much guidance, at least the game does not have a steep learning curve, so it becomes much easier to manage as you learn the controls.

The beautiful graphics from the views and the animals that you can hunt are simple amazing, the sounds are realistic as well, the cries of the rabbits and deer's as you stick your primitive spear through their fragile bodies are simply perfect.



I would rate this a 5

It's not too hard of a game, but its also not the most easiest with a multitude of ways for you to play the game.

With custom settings before you can play are also nice to see for customized experience.

(5 being the absolute best)


Available on most major gaming consoles and Windows PC;





Visit the official webpage HERE

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