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Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue Review

Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue Review

Developer - Geekon, PublisherMidnight Games

Are you ready to embark on a spine-chilling adventure? Step into the shoes of the protagonist and experience the terror of being "Buried Alive" in a crypt. 

Your mission is clear: Escape the confines of your coffin, find the key to unlock the door, and unveil the dark secrets that lie within.

Confined inside a coffin by a madman, you find yourself stabbed in the leg, your last phone call is from your fiancee Hannah, she's been kidnapped too! 

Go and make your way through this survival horror in search of her.

Complete little challenges, find notes leading towards the end goal, and punish the evil-doer in the eyes of god, inside a church. How Ironic.

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You awaken inside a coffin, and suddenly you are in dread because Hannah, your fiancee, has been kidnapped and buried too.

You don't need a tutorial for this game, everything is as expected from a normal horror game.

Throughout the game, you'll come across a "puzzle" kind of thing, where you must find items of interest, codes and combinations. They aren't the hardest, but can leave you confused if you don't work that thinking cap.

For me at least, the hardest part was knowing where I had to go.

I hope you aren't expecting Hannah in there!

For what seems like a short game, you could be searching for the smallest object without really knowing what you're looking for.

In order of levels, here they are!

Visit the crypt of the family of the stalker, creep through the cemetery whilst avoiding the gatekeeper who has a spiked baseball bat, get betrayed, break out of the house, race towards the love of your life in the church, and finally, fight to the death stick vs machete...

That fight was a pain, but I found a good way to cheese this fight, check out the video for how I did that.

Level design is pretty interesting, just the smallest details from finding notes left around by the stalker, and when you make it to the house, you find out the lore in his bedroom!

In my opinion, this is how it should be for all survival horrors like this.

When it comes to lore, I love it. I enjoy learning about why and what is happening at that time, this game doesn't disappoint. There's enough here for substance, although, it's a one-playthrough game. It has a great storyline to it.

Just hope you don't get shot too many times by the grandpa in the house as I did.

She's pretty cute, right? I can see why he found his "true love"!

Final Thoughts

It has nice graphics for the type of game that it is, with some half-decent sound effects for that eerie effect.

I do like the integrations of different types of mechanics, for example, having to hit the crow with a rock, or finding little hints lying around each level, though not too obvious, they can easily deciphered if given some thought.

I like the inventory menu, it's not over the top, and you also don't get to keep the items as you go through the levels. The only persistent item you receive is the flashlight, which in my opinion is pretty cool.

This is supposedly the lockpicking mechanic, simply click when it's in the green!



I would rate this a 4

I rated it like this because, it is a short game, with a hard boss fight at the end, unless you figure out a way to cheese the boss, you will always lose.

(5 being the absolute best)



If you look closely enough, you can see the stalker being burnt, as he lays there unconscious.

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