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The Trap of Lastability

Every gamer wants games to never end, trust me developers want you to play games for ever as well, but different games can vary in playtime wildly from 4 or 9 hours in a story or atmospheric game such as Wolfenstein 2 or Dishonored to 60 or 700 or nearly Infinite with games like Divinity 2 and Payday 2 and Overwatch. With such a huge difference it's sometimes easy to see how games go about their replayability and the length of their games, and while some games do not need any replay value other games have difficulty finding ways to elongate


Best Video Game Experiences in 2017

No. No. No I refuse.I stood by for far too long watching some of the most ludicrous awards give nominations to the weirdest games while other games went unnoticed, I stood by as Hollywood descended into bat shit insanity levels of Oscar Nomination and watched Dice and Golden Joystick award some at-best-questionable and at-worst-hilarious titles.No more.Here are my 2017 Best Video Game Experiences.Best Storytelling.PreyDivinity Original Sin IIShovel Knight: Specter of TormentRunner Up: PreyPrey was surprisingly awesome, the atmosphere alone presents an insanely thick universe for the player to live in, while the story is simple, the game provides a lot of


Snake's News - No Leaks for Old Men

This day was better in terms of events than usual. Also, this was supposed to go through yesterday. Whoops.LAWBREAKERS GAMEPLAYNothing much to say. Accessible only for alpha testers for now.LOST SOUL ASIDE - ONE MAN'S GAMEOne Korean (South one, not the Best one) going by the name of Bing Yang was making this thing for over two years. It's made in UE4 and nothing else is known, really. The country torn apart by war, your hero Kazer leads some kind of organisation, but some other beast - Arena - takes your body. Right now Mr. Yang is looking for people to

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