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We Happy Few - Lightbearer DLC Review

Reception to We Happy Few may have mixed upon release, but patched after launch, anyone that likes a good story would be wise to pick it up. But, we're not here to talk about the base game, we're here to talk about the DLC Lightbearer.A short story playable separately to We Happy Few‘s main campaign, Lightbearer places players in the shoes of Nick Lightbearer, Wellington Wells’ favourite rock star. Awakening from yet another night filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll, Nick is mortified when he finds some ominous lyrics scrawled on a piece of paper. Plus, he’s also covered


We Happy Few - Early Access Impressions

                         So this game has finally been released, kinda. We Happy Few has been a game I've personally been very excited to play for awhile thanks to their very impressive E3 showing a long time ago - however, I hadn't heard much good about the game since it's release in Early Access and I just decided to try it out myself and to hopefully either convince or dissuade others concerning the game.        "... SNUG AS A BUG ON A DRUG"