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Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi Review

Early access build: 0.6.11 EA

Publisher & Developer: WorldAxis3D

The opening!

What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi? If you mix worlds, adventure and strange graphics then you get Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi.

Starting world

The Story: The story of Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi is you who is called Daniel goes into the mainframe to save your mother who was taken by shadows- and you are in a coma so your father puts you into the mainframe so you can save your mother.

There level editor.

What is Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi but more in depth? Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi is a action and adventure game which has you going though different worlds levelling up and trying to save your mother.

Unlocking a new recipe/blueprint.

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Robosoul: From the Depths of Pax-Animi the mechanics are nothing really interesting you can build and craft in certain worlds so planting a seed and waiting a while it will grow as a full health plant, the map is not very good as its usually far behind and takes time to update, enemy’s are broken as they are either too fast or do so much damage.  There is a feature of simulation energy which when hits 0 shadows spawn and come kill you and they hit so hard and camp respawn.

The Shooting world (as i call it.)


  • Controller support.

  • RPG level up.

  • Crafting and building.

  • Good music.


  • Level editor is a nightmare to use.

  • Graphics make this game horrible to play.

  • You have no idea where to go or what to do.

  • Enemy’s shadows camp spawn.

  • The gun play is weak and feels like you do no damage at all.

  • Some of the features are not explained very well.

  • Slideshow story so just pictures telling you what happened.

  • No voice acting as its hard to keep up with the text as it goes by so fast.

  • The game struggles on what it really wants to be.

  • There are about 11 weapons 1 being sword and shield and the others being guns.

  • Fairly basic combat.

  • The Engine used is not really up to date with modern engines like unity and unreal, the engine used was their own WorldAxis 3D and sadly it does not show off the engine’s capability.


This is not a very pleasing game on your eyes I had to keep taking breaks as the graphics hurt my eyes to play, there is not much to do apart from follow the objectives and walk into the blinding info balls that slow you down and follow you for a little bit, I was not a fan of the crafting as never saw anything happen, I hope after early access that they maybe change the graphics, add a better story and make the combat a lot more enjoying plus show off what there engine which has been in "development for more than 16 years" according to the ModDB page, but if you want to check it check it out on -> Steam.

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