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No Time To Explain Review

Few words about the game

No Time To Explain is an amazingly fun platformer game, where you pass levels using the laser cannon or few other tools, fight alien crabs or mecha-pterodactyls or dance off a cake. After this kind of description of a game, I really have no clue what you're waiting for, there's no time to explain, it's just perfect!


  • - Totally random and stupid humour - I love every bit of it
  • - Ton of fun, non-repetitive levels to pass through
  • - Collectives are everywhere, but it's challenging to get some of them
  • - Music and voice acting are awesome
  • - Local co-op
  • - Game controls well in my opinion (tested on keyboard+mouse and controller)
  • - Nice, cartoon graphics, typical for tinyBuild
  • - Great level editor


  • - Plot is somehow random, and it's not in the fun way - it doesn't connect to itself and appears only once every few levels
  • - Price tag is too high for what the game offers


Simply fun and clever game, hits perfectly in my type of humour. It's fairly easy to pass, so rage-quits - typical for some platform games - shouldn't happen, playing it is a pure pleasure. Achievements are quite challenging, so beating this game once won't be enough for you achievement hunters out there. Too bad that the story is not made differently, because for how it is now, it doesn't really play any big role in the game, unfortunately. But overall, I had some major fun playing it, as well as in the co-op and in single player mode.
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