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Hare In The Hat Review

Few words about the game

Really great Point and Click game, full of puzzles and brain-teasers with pleasant soundtrack in the background. Your goal as a player is to solve a bunch of puzzles placed around the room to free a hare that is being kept by a magician. Personally I didn't play any puzzle game in a looong time, and it brought back so many memories from childhood that I just want to play more puzzles, riddles and adventure games like this one :D


  • Sounds and music is good and on point
  • Puzzles are fun to solve, and they're not too hard, what makes it accessible for everyone to play
  • Fairly cheap for that amount of content
  • Colourful and pleasing to eye graphics


  • Music is a little buggy, stops and starts randomly from time to time
  • At some points, if you miss anything, it's just spamming everywhere to find a clue what to do next
  • I really disapprove with the idea of blocking off achievements and calling players cheaters if you want to skip any puzzle. It's understandable that some people might get stuck somewhere. Also, the only way to unlock it is to buy DLC. Bad move

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