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The History of Blizzard & How Their Games Began

Blizzard Entertainment was founded on February 8th 1991, known then as Silicon & SynapseDuring the first two years, the company focused on creating Windows and Amiga ports of games for other studios. Their ports included titles such as The Lord of the Rings and Battle Chess II. Before becoming the Blizzard Entertainment we know and love today, they developed and released three original games, RPM Racing, The Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing, with their then publisher, Interplay Productions.In 1994, Silicon & Synapse were acquired by distributor Davidson & Associates for 6.75 million dollars. Followed by a brief name change


A man accidentally found the original StarCraft code

A Reddit user said that, in a pile of old discs he bought, he found the original master disc with the code for StarCraft, and Blizzard rewarded him well when he gave it back to them.Seventeen years ago, portals such as Gamespot circulated the news that gold master disc of the original StarCraft is missing and probably stolen. For those of you who don't know this, when a game is finished then the code for that game is saved on the Gold Master (GM) disk, which is then sent to the multiplication for the market, so we say that the game


Original StarCraft is now free

The cult strategy game from 1998 has received a new update that improves compatibility with current operating systems and has become free until further notice.In the middle of the year the original StarCraft from 1998 will experience its Remastered edition of which will benefit those who do not plan to buy it.  So, when the Remastered edition comes out the original game will be free - forever.The original StarCraft bundled with the Brood War expansion is now available free of charge in versions for PC and Mac. You can download it on this link and without problems play on current operating

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