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Outlast Review

Few words about the game

Outlast is a first-person horror game, created by an indie developers team, Red Barrels. In the game, you're in control of a journalist that came to an asylum to find out if those terrifying rumours he's got from his source are real. Believe me, you're not ready for what is waiting inside...


  • Immersive story with ton of surprising twists and turns
  • Every second of gameplay is full of tension
  • Realistic graphics along with frightening level design are making quite an awesome impression
  • Hide & Seek, along with parkour and sneaking elements, creates one of a kind atmosphere
  • The AI of your stalkers in incredibly intelligent, it's quite scary when something walks by the bed you're hiding under, but it's horrifying when something is looking for you under every bed and in every locker
  • Sounds are simply stunning, they're more real than most of the things I hear on my daily basis
  • Files and recording provide an amazing backstory
  • Game is very intuitive, without any clear directions you are able to find your way to the objective


  • Enemies get repetitive after a while
  • It can get frustrating that you can't fight back at all and everything is scripted to a millisecond, which unfortunately equals low replayability


It's easily the best horror game I have ever played in my whole life, and I think it will take a while until any new game will live up to this name. Furthermore, it's frightening and atmospheric, the story is deep and fascinating. Control over the character is perfect, movement is great thanks to nicely done head bob effect and parkour elements. About that camera thingy... At first, I was disappointed that it was a thing in game, but it was implemented perfectly, especially with night vision required to pass a couple of levels. Everything just fits ideally and together creates Outlast, THE BEST horror game I have played and one of my favourite games overall.
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