10 Iconic Female Video Game Characters

Femme Fatale has always looked good on pixels. Be it sex appeal or just outright badassery, these video game women has made huge waves in the gaming community. Faith, Mirror's EdgeMirror’s Edge is on top as one of the best games I have ever played in my life, and Faith plays a big role for all that acclaim. Athletic to the core and possessing a hatred towards the corrupt government, Faith is the ultimate definition of female badassery. While experiencing the adrenaline of parkouring above the buildings of Mirror’s Edge, Faith’s physical strength makes you forget you’re not controlling a male character.


6 Horrifying Survival Horror Games

Over the years, we have seen games which scare us to the bone, games that pushes you to the mental limit, redefining the definition of survival. Opium Pulses would like to present to you a list of survival horror games which send shivers to our spine in late nights.  System Shock 2, 1999"Look at you h-h-hacker, a creature of meat and bone." SHODAN mutters, striking an instant fear into the hearts of players with it's insidious, glitchy voice. This however, will just be a piece of the fear System Shock 2 has to offer. So you're wondering around at the beginning of the


8 Most Iconic Mortal Kombat Characters

Truth be told, I'm having one of those personal MK-mania things at the moment. For weeks now I wake up and I'm not thinking about my programming assignment, nor my ex, nor my bizarre tendencies to leave the bathroom door open before I sleep, but instead I've been waking up to "HERE'S JOHNNY", "FATALITY", "GET OVER HERE", etc.It's been pretty alarming. So I thought hey, it's about time I posted a top list, might as well make it about Mortal Kombat. Who knows, maybe the voices will go away.Liu KangReality check here guys, Liu Kang was never one of those characters