Snake's News - Nintendo Direct Things

Things happened (again) and this probably is why you're reading this.TITANFALL 2 TRAILERWhat happens when there's six titans to choose from and you want to get each and every one to know? Well, of course, you get to see the trailer showing each and every one of them!KILLING THINGS IN MAFIA 3How to kill people in Mafia 3 is basically what this video goes down too. Guns, knives, and all that. This game officially isn't a Mafia game at this point, but oh well. It doesn't hurt to watch.GEARS OF WAR 4: HORDE IS BACKAnd of course Run The Jewels has


Snake's News - Just Two Things

Well, I didn't expect this one to be so short. But it is. No need to stick around for long then.METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE DEFINITIVE EXPERIENCE CONFIRMEDWell, it's confirmed officially. On Konami's website appeared the thing you can see above, thanks to my a-MEI-zing embed skills you can check everything that The Definitive Experience will have to offer. Wonder if owners of the regular one will get it cheaper on Steam.FROSTPUNK: NEW GAME FROM THIS WAR OF MINE DEVELOPERSTrailer is enigmatic, so is the website made for this game. Apparently this game will also have tough moral choices and some


Snake's News - Post-Gamescom Extravaganza

Well, time to write something worthwhile after a long long long time without anything.WITCHER 3: GOTY EDITION TRAILERAll DLCs, a new patch, and Vivaldi's new look - all that in upcoming GOTY edition for one of the best RPG's of the last year. And all of that coming tomorrow.STEEP: HOW TO ROCK THE MOUNTAINUbisoft's remix of SSX shows everything you need to know about it. And boy, I can't wait. I can already hear my favourite snow madness tracks.DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 VR: I WANT THAT SHITThis is an instructing video shown by Koei Tecmo to warn you of dangers


Snake's News - POKEMON GO(NE WILD)

Gamescom drought is in progress, but more news popping up means new post.DARK SOULS 3: ASHES OF ARIADNEL DLCThis mostly PvP-focused addition to the main game just got a trailer. It'll cost $10 for non-Season Pass owners. Get your Farron Greatswords and Uchigatanas ready, cause this thing is coming out on October 25th. Also, grind some souls to level up.POKEMON GO: SNORLAX APPEARS IN TAIPEI, PEOPLE GO NUTSAll in all, Pokemon GO is getting a better and better tool for natural selection. This isn't normal. Also, if you're reading it - TIME FOR STATISTICS!When the game was released, there were almost



After a GamesCom drought in the news - there's something to post, yay. LET'S START.FORZA HORIZON 3 GAMEPLAYAustralian offroad fun? Sounds like Mad Max, but it's just Forza Horizon 3! Still, gameplay's worth watching.STAR CITIZEN GAMEPLAYApparently game still exists and got a proper video. Good to know the money didn't go to waste. *cough* Mighty No.9 *cough*.MADS MIKKELSEN IN DEATH STRANDINGHideo Kojima tweets, fans speculate. Apparently after this photo on his twitter popped up, fans decided to dig deeper only to find out...the rest:Check the outfits. Mikkelsen met with Kojima a couple of times in the past and it just further

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