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A Juggler's Tale review

Remember the magic of puppet theaters from your childhood? Lifeless pieces of wood and fabric, brought to life with a tug of a string. In A Juggler's Tale, a puzzle platformer made by the German game studio kaleidoscube, you will find yourself drawn right into this magical world of fairytales, where every movement is controlled by the delicate dance of the strings. Or is it?Who is pulling the strings?You find yourself in the role of a puppet called Abby. She performs at a circus and the crowd loves her. But as soon as the last viewer leaves, the ringmaster throws Abby into


Roadwarden Review

Having enjoyed a fair amount of tabletop RPGs run through various systems and as a fan of text-based adventure games, I was excited to learn about Roadwarden, a text-based adventure game which plays very much like a single-player tabletop RPG campaign.Released by Moral Anxiety Studio in September of 2022, Roadwarden is set in a fantasy world full of political complexities and environmental dangers. As the titular roadwarden, newly assigned to patrol the northern peninsula, your job is to assure the safety of the roads and provide contact between isolated villages while also working to achieve the goals of your employers—merchants of


Sunlight Scream Review

Sunlight Scream ReviewDeveloper and Publisher - FaithyThe hero moves to a new city. However, along with him comes a masked killer who begins to kill his friends one by one... Make decisions to build your adventure. Can you stop him before it's too late?Have you ever played Doki Doki Literature Club? Do you enjoy Psychological horrors? You may enjoy Sunlight Scream! Though it is not quite the same as DD-LC, regarding the bloody/gory scenes, you may be enticed by the long storyboard and the multiple endings this game offers!Sunlight Scream creates a rich story and atmospheric gameplay, which will suck you in with


The Expanse – A Telltale Series Review

You just became the captain of a scavenger spaceship. Supplies are dwindling and you are standing against an enemy much more powerful than you. Will you manage to make the right decisions, to save yourself, your crew, and even more?The Expanse is the first new IP by Telltale Games released after the studio has risen from its grave.  The game follows the same Telltale formula as the previous titles. But does it bring something more?Am I welcome here?The game is based on a TV series which is in turn based on books by James S. A. Corey. That begs the question


Prey (2017) Review

A first-person shooter that plays like an elaborate survival simulation with light RPG elements, this game is great for those who enjoy a detailed plot and ominous atmosphere alongside customization options that allow for a great number of solutions to each problem.Sleuthing in SpaceAfter one of the most memorable introductions I've seen in any game (if you've played through the tutorial and started the actual game, you'll know what I mean, and if you haven't, please don't spoil it for yourself), you'll find yourself on a space station just after a disaster has struck.Most of the game is spent making your

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