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Retro Dose #10 - Crash Bandicoot Series (Part 2)

In yesterday's Retro Dose, we brought you a brief look at the very idea behind the life and work of Crash Bandicoot, and now we present the original Naughty Dogs Crash Bandicoot trilogy. Did you play it?How did you like yesterdays Retro Dose? You can expect more today because we are directly recalling the original Naughty Dogs Crash Bandicoot trilogy specificities within a particular title, the protagonist and antagonist and entertainment that the titles provided us.The first title we are talking about today is the original Crash Bandicoot  from 1996 on which we have addressed the development process in the past

Retro Dose #10 - Crash Bandicoot Series (Part 1)

So, since this is the 10th part of our Retro Dose series - I decided to do something special, write a trilogy about Crash Bandicoot games - one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. We begin with the roots of the series and the making of his snippy protagonist - Crash.Is there anyone that owned the first PlayStation, and that he did not have at least one game in which the main star was Crash Bandicoot? Even if we assume that there is one person out there who didn't, it is still a good thing to remind

Retro Dose #9 - Mugen

In this Retro Dose we are remembering a bizarre combination of everything that, thanks to its angry opportunities, could soon fill up twenty years of existence.Fights are one of those genres that never quite took hold on the PC platform. Lately here and there get a port of questionable quality, but it has always been known that this is primarily a matter for consoles and arcade machines because playing with a mouse and keyboard would not have got you very far. Such a view slowly began to change because many PC players have at least one good controller, but that didn't

Retro Dose #8 - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

In this week's Retro dose we bring you a little overview of the game which most magazines and sites declared the worst game of all time, and  a game that has contributed to a complete collapse of Atari.We all know how the games that accompany the release of a movie are generally not top quality nor something we would call real AAA titles. ET the Extra-Terrestrial proved that in 1982, handing the then current owners of Atari consoles one of the worst gaming experiences ever. Although in the making of this game for the Atari 2600 it was spent around 125

Retro Dose #7 - Counter Strike

Today I'm gonna tell you a story of a very successful Half-Life mod which quickly became one of the most important Valve titles with an active career of more than fifteen years.Counter-Strike was released on the market 19 July 1999 in public-beta as a modification for Half-Life, a game that at that time was not only one of the most important things in gaming, but also on the Internet. Planet Half-Life, page dedicated to news from the world of Half-Life, in two weeks of the newly opened Counter-Strike section already recorded 10,000 views, an unprecedented record at the time. This has resulted

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