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Half-Life 3 wouldn't conclude the story of the series

Screenwriter who worked on the story for never released third episode of Half Life 2 said that this game would also ended on a cliffhanger.One of the reasons why everyone awaits the return of the Half-Life series and the arrival of Half Life 3 is because the story of Gordon Freeman and his companion Alyx Vance was abruptly halted after three chapters. In addition to expectations that the next Half-Life will be the best game ever, fans expect the continuation of the story that has a lot of open questions.However, ten years later, it is clear that Half-Life 3 is not

Retro Dose #19 - The Sims

Today we are remembering the second best-selling PC game of all time that marked the world of simulation and infatuated our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, or even ourselves because of the surreal level of entertainment that it provided.When you think about it, the goal of almost every game is to show a segment of the living world, real or imaginary, and you try to make it credible, virtually sustainable and somewhat more realistic. Many games tried to convey the experience of life in the real world, but none of the series came close to the detailed level as The Sims series, whose

Retro Dose #18 - The Settlers

We jump in the early days of the famous strategy series The Settlers and we remember how the economy looked like when it started back in 1993.The Settlers is a very popular series among the strategy game players on the PC which, in the nineties, began to climb to fame, and has seen more than a dozen sequels. Although many will probably be nostalgic for the third sequel, we will take this opportunity to briefly look around the very beginning. For its strategic project developer Blue Byte in the early nineties they were originally planning to put together something modeled on

Retro Dose #17 - SSX Tricky

This Retro Dose brings you a little refreshment with a lot of snow and high jumps in SSX Tricky, so prepare your ice cream.Because of the hellish heat I spent the last few days half naked with ice cream in hand near a fan that is struggling to turn on, let alone cool me off , but of course that was not enough. The desire for ice is greater then the 25th hour of the day and cubes that are precisely created in glaciers evaporate as soon as I see them. That's why I'm going for this game to sort out

What interesting games are coming out 07/2017

July is still a torment for gamers, but this year the gods of gaming showed a little mercy and gave us two interesting beta tests.Temperatures rise, ice cream melts. Offer of games is poor. Not haiku - it is July and dry gaming reality. July was never particularly rich with hot games, but somehow we have to live through it. Fortunately, this year it will be easier for fans of football and shooters - on consoles.In the second half of the month comes two interesting beta tests for the games coming out in September. If you are not interested in them,

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