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SteamBox Reviews: Death Road to Canada

STEAMBOX Reviews is a kind of "Section" I'm gonna do for both New and Older Indie Games released across Steam and today we'll be taking a look at a little gem called Death Road to Canada. This game's premise is pretty much a mixture of Oregon Trail and tidbits of other games that feature looting and simplistic top down melee combat that adds in random, quirky humor and lots and lots of zombies. Your goal is to essentially make it to Canada where - there are no zombies for some unexplained reason - and surviving the road along the way. Death Road

We Happy Few - Early Access Impressions

                         So this game has finally been released, kinda. We Happy Few has been a game I've personally been very excited to play for awhile thanks to their very impressive E3 showing a long time ago - however, I hadn't heard much good about the game since it's release in Early Access and I just decided to try it out myself and to hopefully either convince or dissuade others concerning the game.        "... SNUG AS A BUG ON A DRUG"                      

Snake's News - Failure Now

Aaaand another week, another piece of news. Here we go, gents. We'll begin with two big failures.MULTIPLAYER IN TELLTALE'S BATMAN IS A F*****G FAILUREWell, it turns out the "crowd play" feature won't be exactly what we wanted it to be. Remember the 2000 players judging your every move and voting for which option to take? Well, the number got cut by 1988. Only up to 12 players will be able to watch and judge you. Even better - they will be able to do it only locally. As if sitting in one room and talking about the choices was obsolete. Telltale,

Snake's News - The Nvidia Redemption

A lil' bit later than usual. I'm a human too, I have to sleep y'know. Also, I had to re-post this 3 times.GTX970 LAWSUIT FINISHEDIf you remember - the GTX970 was advertised as having 4GB of memory, despite having 3.5GB + 0.5GB in reality (don't even do the maths on this, it is a HUGE difference). Anyway, after a mass lawsuit Nvidia has lost and offered to refund $30 to all US customers who bought it.Why $30? Apparently that's how much cheaper the card would be if it was advertised as 3.5GB in the beginning.MAFIA 3: MEET THE VOODOO QUEENAnother trailer

Top Ten Most Metal Games \﹏/

A few recent releases have revived the video game/metal crossover, and after a discussion with a few members in the Opium Pulses chatroom on Steam, I thought I'd go over our top 10 video games that metal heads will appreciate. We'll also mention a few that didn't make the top 10 but are still worth checking out.  10. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Tony Hawk's video games gave a boost to worldwide interest in skateboarding and created a craze for the genre in the gaming scene too, the controls are tight, the arcade style gameplay was addictive and the soundtracks made staying in

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