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Retro Dose #1 - Ghosts'n Goblins

You think games like Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are hard? Then you probably never played Ghosts'n Goblins, a game which was (and still is) so hard that it impressed many but also destroyed the social lives of players around the world. It's the year 1985 and the world just got one of the most difficult games ever - Ghosts'n Goblins, which was originally an arcade machine, but later it was transferred to NES and other home consoles so it can spread the frustration all around the world. Ghosts'n goblins is so infamous for its difficulty, that it shares the place at

How Game Design Can Be Your Friend

From Dark Souls to Ninja Gaiden, from Overwatch to Rocket League, from Shovel Knight to Super Mario. Every game has it's traps, it's secrets, difficulties and intuitive aspects.What makes a game "Well Designed"? How is Game Design responsible for a game being Difficult or Easy? What causes players to stonewall for hours against a boss, or defeat an area on their first run?I believe the best way to put it simply is to describe Game Design as 2 opposing forces. One side is always trying to challenge the player, while the other always trying to help the player. Let's take a

Gears of War Comparisons

Gears of War 4 released to the world last week both on Xbox One and Windows 10, many fans hoped for a sequel packing everything they'd dreamt of since Gears of War 3 hit the shelves back in 2011. The last 3 titles in the franchise have been developed for the most part by three separate development teams. GoW 3 by Epic, Judgment by People Can Fly and GoW 4 by The Coalition - this means all three don't share as many similarities as the first three made by Epic.Each has their own pros, cons and features we consider to be

When the Game of Life Owns All Other Games

My name is Flint Stocks.  Some of you may know me from my extensive writings on the now indefinitely missing in action game review site,  Others may not know me at all.  When Warren Dance recently suggested I do some writing for Opium Pulses, I was honored.  I felt like it was a great opportunity to dust off my keyboard after the long hiatus from writing that resulted from the untimely demise of GameXotic.  It was a disaster which stemmed from a classic case of real life problems getting in the way of gaming.  It’s a subject worth talking about.The

Can Too Much Hype Kill a Good Game's Reputation?

Hyped games is a sore subject right now after the release of No Man's Sky, a game universally agreed to be over hyped… but is it a bad game? That's hard to tell right now and is something we'll have to judge for ourselves after the dust has settled. Instead, let's take the time to view how it has affected other games in the past. Although I do have my own opinion (both good and bad) on the games mentioned in this article, I'll be sticking closely to the subject... Does too much hype and bad reviews that come as a

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