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Between Horizons Review

Between Horizons is a narrative 2.5D sci-fi detective adventure by DigiTales Interactive. Players embark on a journey aboard the space vessel Zephyr, tasked with colonizing a distant planet. A new threat lurks onboard the ship and it’s only up to you to uncover it by solving a series of criminal cases. There will be many moral choices to deal with along the way and your actions will determine the course of the whole mission. Will law and order prevail, or will you side with those who seek change through any means necessary?The main character of Between Horizons is Stella, the daughter


Biolum Review

Biolum ReviewDevelopers - IKO, Reynard Films, Prefrontal CortexPublisher - AstreaBiolum is a 30min VR sci-fi narrative experience. Dive to uncharted depths of the ocean and discover a beautiful world of bioluminescent creatures. But all is not what it seems. What lies beneath the surface?Biolum is but a small adventure game, packed with narrative and graphics that you can only dream about.Taking place under the ocean floor, take your flashlight and explore a newfound cave, ripe full of mysterious creatures!But not everything is at it seems on the surface level, lies and deceit awaits you on the other end of the tunnel system.The graphics get even


The Invincible Review

Not everything everywhere is for us. This is the main motto of the game The Invincible by Starward Industries, based on a science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem. The game sets you in the shoes of Dr. Yasna, who wakes up on a deserted planet with no way to contact others and has to figure out what happened to herself, her colleagues and who are the real friends and foes in this mystery.Dr. Yasna is an astrobiologist, a member of a team of scientists who were returning home from a long mission in space. On their way, they made a stop


Three Minutes to Eight Review

Set twenty years in the future, in your town (or one nearby, since the city name is taken from the server location linked to a player's IP address), Three Minutes to Eight is a point-and-click adventure game in which you solve the mystery of your own demise.You play as a man waking up in his apartment at 7:33 PM, disoriented and unable to recall anything. While you explore your surroundings and try to determine what exactly is going on, the clock is ticking down, because 24 minutes after you wake, you are going to die. Your goal is to spend that



GUNHEAD ReviewDeveloper and Publisher; AlienTrapGunhead is a fast-paced strategic roguelike FPS where you take the role of a pirate mech with a gun for a head, looting derelict spaceships filled with monstrous drones made out of bone and steel. Sequel to the 2d roguelite Cryptark.Unrelated to the My Hero Academia hero and the sequel to the June 2017 2D title, Cryptark, comes GUNHEAD. This 3D space, Sci-Fi game gives you the guns, it gives you the procedural base raider generation and best of all it provides that much-needed itch to bring the smack down upon alien spaceship's brains.If Meet Your Maker and MOTHERGUNSHIP came

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