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SCUM Review

First of all, sorry for my absence, but hey, what better way to come back to writting then to review a game that blew up on Steam, Twitch, Youtube etc. The devs were nice enough to provide me with the game so let's do this.An open-world, early access survival game with crafting mechanics and zombies… Have we stepped into a time portal back to 2013? Remember Dayz? Yeah, neither do I, that game was a huge success... and then it flopped... badly.  Despite being exhausted with that type of experience, SCUM is fantastic. It’s still very much an Early Access title

Dark Quest 2 Review

Darkness... Served sweet. But still somewhat insipid.Who knows? Maybe all these orcs, goblins, werewolves and undead creatures my team has cold-bloodedly murdered on their way to the not-so-grand finale all had their feelings, fears, dreams and hobbies? And maybe that "Evil Sorcerer" was in fact a friendly old man truly concerned about the raising of kids these days, wanting to run a campaign aimed to encourage them to read more books? You have nothing to rely on, but your own imagination when dealing with a story like the one presented by creators from Brain Seal Entertainment in the sequel of their

Death's Gambit - The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

The Good.Death's gambit is beautifully crafted, and unafraid of changing the aesthetics of the game sometimes in order to create a unique level and experience, the game derives heavily from dark souls with healing and resting and souls mechanics but also leaves room for plenty of appealing original concepts such as characters, dialogues, storytelling, weapon movesets, individual-map-objectives and the use of purchasable special moves that can be combined with other special moves to better fit a players style. Not to mention some really cool and creative monster visual designs that range from familiar humanoids to crazy reality-bending fish monsters.If you are

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator Review

"What is Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator?" Think of Shoppe Keep but it’s in 2D and you run a stall on the streets and is updated weekly! And there you go that’s Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator in a few words.Information to keep in mind: This game is a   and it's current phase is Alpha Build 10 (I'll be reviewing the game on this build.)Pros:Character customization. Pet customization (You can name them or choose a different breed if you want there are 4 to choose from)Updated weekly! Plays well for an alpha build!The UI for the game is nice and clean.Can be addictive for a Few hours.Medieval setting

The Crew 2 Review and Visual Comparisons.

The Crew 2 so far is a huge step backwards in visual design and fidelity, the game seems to lack a certain love for attention to detail that the previous title had. I been wondering if the issues found in the game would be something to be fixed later with a patch, so far the game on release and Beta has had several imperfections and lacks what we call "Quality Of Life" features and optimizations.In the first The Crew game, everything felt alive and entertaining to look at while driving around. You could just randomly place a waypoint anywhere in the

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