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Songbringer Review

Songbringer, an indie action RPG. It is said that this game is a Zelda clone and yeah that's true because we find Zelda clones everywhere except that Songbringer is unique with its futurist weapons, puzzles and world. The game begins abroad the Songbringer, an old spaceship that lands on a planet, victim of an old war. You play as Roq Epimetheos, accompanied by his inseparable robot Jib , after an accident, you land in front of a cave inside which is a sword called "Nano sword". After that, you are completely free to explore and find the 9 dungeons that make

Apocryph Review

Hellish creatures. Occult symbols. Catacombs as dark as your room where the computer screen is the only source of light. All that in low resolution. The muffled voice of a local priest shouting exorcisms from behind the locked door. Ah, the nostalgia...What I'm about to say about Apocryph will make me look bad, but this game has become the 4th of the elite group that in different times made me smash my hardware, which is quite an accomplishment. Is it a good game then? Yes... And no. While it's true that the game was nostalgic and fun to play, one cannot

Smoke and Sacrifice Review

Smoke and Sacrifice is an open-world exploration RPG very similar to "Don't Starve Together" where you play as Sachi, a mother forced to sacrifice her child to the Sun Tree, a blazing tree which replaces the lost light of the sun that keeps her community alive and safe from the poisonous smoke who then ends up in a strange, twisted underworld where she'll discover a darker truth suspecting that her child is still alive and ventures out to learn of his fate.In the underworld there are many odds stacked against Sachi, the over-lapping ecosystem with its unfriendly strange creatures that seek

Band of Defenders Review

Band of Defenders, a basic FPS Tower defence game that takes place in the mad max style world but with mutants and a dead community.Developer: Alda Games.Publisher: Alda Games.Engine: Unity Engine.Game Size: 9.21 GBProsNice post apocalypse visuals (turrets, the defences and enemy’s).No micro transactions.Endless mode.Optimised so no frame drops or hick ups.Quite a bit of character customisation.Steam cards and achievements.If your into killing crows you can.Cons:Dead game there are usually 0 players most I have seen is 1 player online.It is not fun to play on your own as it gets boring.The wait time to craft guns and health kits is annoying.Not

Lake Ridden Review

Lake Ridden a puzzle/Adventure game PS. This is not a horror game!Pros:Fun puzzles to solve that require some thinking.Beautiful atmosphere.The music is really nice as you walk around solving puzzles.Voice acting is pretty decent.Very well-written story.Great backstories.Some really well-placed sound effects.Some achievements for hunters out there.Pretty decent graphic settings.Controller support for Xbox and PS4 controllers.Cons:The game is a  little too pricey for how much you can do it in and how long the gameplay is.Conclusion:This game is a full adventure/puzzle game so if that’s not your thing you may not like it, I personally love a good puzzle game so no

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