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Tanzia Review

I was always interested in WoW, but for some reason it was oftenly more frustrating than it was fun, mainly because of players who were just there to ruin your experience, then I got this game to review, and for some reason it reminds me of WoW, but single-player.The plot for Tanzia is not an intricate one. In the shoes of a humanoid shaman, we’re tasked with discovering more about a series of magic-related incidents. The many NPCs often speak about Voodoo and letters from a powerful relative lead us into a hectic chase. Pretty standard fantasy stuff but solid enough for

Gaming Now and Then - Retro Store

We’ve covered news local to “Opium Pulses HQ” in the past with the ‘Bring  the Game Over’ service offered in and around Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. This time should interest both local and international video game collectors as most of what’s on offer can be bought across the globe!Recently, in my sleepy hometown of Faringdon, a temporary store popped up among the seemingly dying street of shops and I was instantly intrigued. The plan so far is to only stay open until the end of 2018, however the journey has been a positive one so who knows what will happen?Simply named ‘Gaming

Tremor Games Shuts Down

Tremor Games, the popular offer based website for earning free video games has shut down. Below was their short and heartfelt announcement made on Wednesday 21st November 2018, shortly before they closed their doors for good:" will be shutting down on 25th November 2018. We have been compelled to do this due to some personal issues. We regret we won't be able to disclose more details about the reason for closure.The website will become inaccessible after 25th November. We cannot give the exact time but please finish off all activities on the website by 24th November. We are closing new registrations

Songbringer Review

Songbringer, an indie action RPG. It is said that this game is a Zelda clone and yeah that's true because we find Zelda clones everywhere except that Songbringer is unique with its futurist weapons, puzzles and world. The game begins abroad the Songbringer, an old spaceship that lands on a planet, victim of an old war. You play as Roq Epimetheos, accompanied by his inseparable robot Jib , after an accident, you land in front of a cave inside which is a sword called "Nano sword". After that, you are completely free to explore and find the 9 dungeons that make

Apocryph Review

Hellish creatures. Occult symbols. Catacombs as dark as your room where the computer screen is the only source of light. All that in low resolution. The muffled voice of a local priest shouting exorcisms from behind the locked door. Ah, the nostalgia...What I'm about to say about Apocryph will make me look bad, but this game has become the 4th of the elite group that in different times made me smash my hardware, which is quite an accomplishment. Is it a good game then? Yes... And no. While it's true that the game was nostalgic and fun to play, one cannot

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