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Steel Circus Review

Speedball met Overwatch and they had a Cassie Cage of sports games.Finally it's arrived. Unique visual style. Revolutionary gameplay. Vast content that's yours for the taking without paywalls and grinding ad nauseam. Steel Circus has it... not. But you sure as hell ought to give it a try. Developed by Iron Mountain Interactive and published by Oasis Games, the game entered Steam Early Access on August 8th and this review is a collection of my impressions from its 4th closed alpha test and the first three days of open beta.If I was to put Steel Circus gameplay in a single word,

10 Oculus Quest New Release Reviews – Part 3

This here is the third part of our Oculus Quest game reviews, this time a mixture of brand new release and launch titles! Check out our previous 10 reviews in part two here:’s start in alphabetical order, simply ‘cause its prettier…Accounting+Most likely not what you’d expect from the name, even if you’re not expecting a straight up accountant simulator. Accounting+ has much more in common with titles like Virtual Virtual Reality and Bonfire than it does with a game like Job Simulator (what we expected going in). The game relies a lot more on the comedy of each scene’s narration

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity Review

Die a hundred and seventy-fourth time at the same chamomile flower in 1-6 and realize it’s not that stupid green cat’s life that’s been lost.Does a high difficulty level immediately make a game bad? Definitely not - provided that it doesn’t give you a constant feeling that you’re wasting your time, which sadly is the case with Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - the shockingly second installment of a platformer game series developed and published by 2Play Studios. The developer is based in Sweden and this is a secret piece of information that will help us later.At the beginning I said that

10 Oculus Quest New Release Reviews – Part 2

This here is the second part of our Oculus Quest game reviews, this time a mixture of brand new release and launch titles! Check out the first 10 reviews in part one here:’s start in alphabetical order, simply ‘cause its prettier…BonfireThe developers of Bonfire are known for their VR-based interactive short stories, having worked on Invasion!, Asteroids! and Crow: The Legend. Bonfire is no different, in that it is a short animated movie, in full VR with direct but linear interactivity peppered throughout. The story is based around your experience after crash landing on an alien planet, a planet that

Wrecked Crash Simulator Review

Developer & Publisher: TAS SystemsDestruction!What is Wrecked Destruction Simulator? If you like causing crashes and planning them out then this is the game for you.Scene selection!The Story: There is not story for this game just make your own car crash simulation and watch the flames.The Graphics on Ultra!What is Wrecked Destruction Simulator but more in depth? Wrecked Destruction Simulator is a game that allows you to make the accidents how you want them to happen like on a motor way or on a casual road and gives you the tools to do that.Vehicles selection!The Mechanics: The mechanics of Wrecked Destruction Simulator is to

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