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Review: The Crows Eye

This game is odd  The Crow's Eye is developed by 3D2 Entertainment in March 20th, 2017. I have found one previous game made under their name, and a new one coming soon named Arima. Oh yeah, and before I forget, this is the aforementioned previous one:Story  You play as an estranged child confined within a long abandoned college, under duress by a morally bankrupt scientist. I didn't find the story too interesting, but mostly because what I found is in audio logs, and I tend to have trouble focusing on them in particular while I am doing tasks. You won't feel


The Sojourn Review

What is The Sojourn? Do you like puzzles? Do you like switching puzzles? Do you like puzzles that challenge you?The start of my adventures!The Story: The story is told in statues that appear but the story can be a bit confusing some times.Completing puzzles to unlock the door!What is The Sojourn but more in depth? The Sojourn is a puzzle game that as you complete these puzzles you can see little bit more of the story if you can understand what’s happening in the statues.The temple being built as i get closer!The Graphics of The Sojourn: The graphics are simple 3D


The Fall Review

Review of The Fall!  What is The Fall? It is an adventure-game, puzzle solving and side-scroller action with a mix of Sci-Fi plus a great story behind it!  Pros: The story is the heart of The Fall with a lot of detail to backstory. Great character development.  Good visuals. Excellent voice acting. Spooky atmosphere. Nice achievements to get plus some for the achievement hunters out there. Interesting puzzles to try and complete. Cons: The action could be a better as shooting a little wonky. Controls can be a little clunky on mouse/keyboard recommend a controller. Some puzzles can be confusing at times did have to look at a guide for 2 of puzzles. Very short length completed it

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