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Quest Hunter Review

Quest Hunter is a charming casual action-RPG that puts story and character progression, exploration and combat as its core experiences. Passion can be felt throughout the game as the developer carefully crafted this relaxing RPG with simplicity in mind.Story and Character ProgressionStory often posed as secondary in games like this but not Quest Hunter. This game leads you in with its humorous narratives. The story is simple - you were flying your airship and suddenly the sun went missing, somehow caused you to crash onto an unfamiliar town. As a stranger, you seek help to rebuild your airship while helping the


Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Review

Morbid is a VERY beautiful game, from everything static like trees or houses to moving assets like enemies and blood explosions. Trees, branches and bushes will sometimes make it confusing and you will not be able to see if you can go through a path or if there’s something blocking the way. Other than that, I loved the overall look and feel of the game. The sound of pots breaking when I hit them reminded me of some older games , almost like the sound asset comes from another game, but I will consider this as a coincidence. The audio and


Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review

Few words about the gameTrulon: The Shadow Engine is an amazing RPG game that mixes up a few styles of gameplay, creating quite a unique combination of RPG, steampunk and fantasy elements. Using a card based combat system, which can be customized any way you want thanks to a diversity of cards you can obtain after fights, your goal is to save the kingdom from unknown disease.AdvantagesAn awesome art style of all the characters and surroundingsSoundtrack fits perfectly, doesn't matter if you're walking around casually or fighting a group of enemies, there's always a great song in the backgroundWriting of dialogues


My Tower, My Home Review

Few words about the gameMy Tower, My Home is a nicely done combination of a tower defence game with a 2D shooter. It's a very dynamic game where enemies come from every direction to destroy the core of your tower and your goal is to defend it using multiple strategies with a ton of perks you can choose from. Try to survive few waves and don't die too quickly ;)AdvantagesA huge variety of mods, upgrades and skills to choose fromVery nice and minimalistic graphicsCo-op mode for 2 local playersGame is quite challenging, as after some waves of enemies it slowly becomes


Verdant Village Review

Verdant Village is a pretty fresh combination of already existing and even slightly overused genres among the indie titles, which is a blend of RPG and farming simulator. The said title, that's published and developed by a single person working as Exodus Software, might seem to be an exact clone of a popular game, Stardew Valley, at least on a first sight. But luckily, it tried to be something different, by focusing more on the RPG part of it with, while keeping the farming elements as an extra. Thanks to that, I believe it made itself noteworthy of checking out by

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