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Roadwarden Review

Having enjoyed a fair amount of tabletop RPGs run through various systems and as a fan of text-based adventure games, I was excited to learn about Roadwarden, a text-based adventure game which plays very much like a single-player tabletop RPG campaign.Released by Moral Anxiety Studio in September of 2022, Roadwarden is set in a fantasy world full of political complexities and environmental dangers. As the titular roadwarden, newly assigned to patrol the northern peninsula, your job is to assure the safety of the roads and provide contact between isolated villages while also working to achieve the goals of your employers—merchants of


Stories Untold Review

Stories Untold is an interactive horror story told in four parts. Each episode places the player in a new environment with its own style of gameplay, mainly using point-and-click and text-based interfaces.Set in 1986, the majority of the gameplay involves interacting with dated equipment in fairly mundane settings. However, by the midpoint of each chapter, things take a turn for the weird and spooky as the relatively innocent atmosphere shifts to emit a more sinister air.Most of the game involves sitting in front of a computer terminal, inputting some form of data. This data includes the commands for a text-based game

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