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6 Mistakes Blizzard Made When Announcing Diablo Immortal

At BlizzCon this year Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal, a mobile spin-off to be released next year for iOS and Android devices, co-developed by Blizzard themselves and Chinese game developers ‘NetEase’, known mostly for their heavily inspired online mobile games.This announcement didn’t go down very well with fans at all and lead to an explosion of criticism and expression of disappointment by gamers all over the internet. Diablo Immortal likely won’t be a bad title considering its platform; however this isn’t the focus of Blizzard’s community outcry.There’s several reasons people think the reveal was such a disaster, let’s go over some of


Your PC games can now be played on mobile phones!

LiquidSky -  a service for streaming games is currently testing a mobile application that allows gamers to play PC games on their mobile.What would you say to the idea of playing Overwatch on your mobile phone? If you didn't close this article, read on because it is allegedly possible. The service LiquidSky for streaming games started the public testing of its mobile applications for Android devices, with which it is technically possible to stream PC game via a home network to the mobile device.Sounds perfect, right? In theory - yes. In practice, there are several restrictions which we will have to


Nintendo making Zelda and Pokemon card mobile games

Nintendos following projects for mobile platforms should be connected with The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon franchise, reports the Wall Street Journal.Nintendo has promised a few years ago to supply five mobile games until March of 2017. The promise partially came true  because they did release three games - Miitomo, Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. So far it has only been mentioned that the next project will be a game from Animal Crossing series, however, it remains a mystery which game will they pick from Nintendo's rich catalog to be the last mobile game out of Nintendo's platforms.However, as reported

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