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Retro Dose #24 - Sanitarium

Todays Retro Dose leads us to the madness of an old point'n'click psychic horror, Sanitarium.Sanitarium, besides being brutally bizarre and somewhat morbid back in 1998, it was also an unusual combination of psychological horror in shoes of a point and click PC adventure. The game begins with a character you are playing - Max, who is on the verge of some revolutionary discovery, but because he was running home so he can tell it to his wife (and us players) he has a traffic accident that ends in a coma. What follows is awakening in a mysterious asylum without any memory


Retro Dose #23 - Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

In today's Retro Dose, we take the law into our own hands so that Desperados reminds us of who in the Wild West was the chief sheriff in the city.We all  once played cowboys and indians when we were kids, but I already see somebody down in the comments immediately jump to tell me how he was not. Anyway, because that is not really what I want to remember today, but a strategic game of the classic spaghetti western that we played in 2001 on the PC. Much like the legendary Commandos, some may even say a shameless copy - Desperados:


Retro Dose #22 - Aladdin

This time in Retro Dose we will not try to avoid the hellish heat but we will meet it with a great retro title - Aladdin for the Sega Genesis.For some time, players have known that titles based on current movies should be avoided, but that has not always been the case. One of the titles found in this situation was Disney's feature-length Aladdin who, with his movie premiere in 1992, delighted the big and small audience. Thus, the process of adapting popular slots to the growing media of video games was an opportunity that could not be missed.In 1993, from


Retro Dose #21 - Clock Tower

In todays Retro Dose we talk about the good old Clock Tower - a game that has popularized survival horrors based on hiding instead of shooting.Since I'm in a horror mood last couple of days I remembered one game that made me hide under a blanket at night, so I'd like to point out a retro gem. I present to you -  Clock Tower , for its time a unique point-and-click survival horror for SNES , and a couple of years later for PSX . Yes, point-and-click, you have read well. Use the controller to move the cursor and scroll through


Blackwood Crossing Review

Blackwood Crossing left a bad first impression on me. You start by waking up mid-train ride to the voice of the main character, Finn. Being honest, I really disliked Finn the first time I met him. His voice was muffled behind closed doors and it sounded like he was peaking the microphone when he started shouting. This was short lived however, as I warmed up to Finn very quickly. The atmosphere is very bright and sets off a nice tone from the get go, as you proceed to walk through an extremely detailed and vibrant environment, Finn would like you to

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