Pirate game Sea of ​​Thieves will be able to run on low end pc

Co-operative pirate adventure Sea of Thieves on PC will bring players some visual display options we're not used to seeing right now in this age.Microsoft's exclusive Sea of Thieves next year will shine on a PC with 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. But the Rare development team has some unexpected news for those who do not have a 4K screen and can't even run 60 fps on YouTube. Sea of Thieves will be especially configurable for very weak computer configurations, in other words, you can probably run it on your grandma's PC (if for some reason your grandma owns


BRINK is now free on Steam

A fast-forgotten multiplayer shooter from 2011 has become completely free to play on Steam.The multiplayer shooter genre is so crowded that even some expensive projects fail to be dominant in the market. An example of this is Bethesda's shooter called BRINK, which came out in 2011 and was forgotten the same year. Why do I mention it now? Well, Brink is not completely forgotten and there may still be hope for him.When I say free it means that it has switched to a free-to-play model and will be free to play until further notice. The good news is that (yet) it


Quake Champions is coming this month, in Early Access

Bethesda announced that Quake Champions is coming out of the closed beta testing phase to the paid beta test phase.Steam's Early Access game model has favored numerous independent developers who have managed to finance their projects by selling alpha versions. However, big companies have also seen the additional benefits although they do not lack in budgeting for games. Early Access has come as an additional argument for the preorder, as well as a good opportunity to test the game. Sometimes companies paid players to test their games before going out and now it's the other way - players pay companies for


Steam Summer Sale 2017 - Here's what you can buy for less than 5€

During the great seasonal discounts on Steam, we bring you games that will bring you the most fun for the least amount of money.Summer discounts on Steam are in progress and now is a real opportunity to expand collections of games at attractive prices. The offers will last until 05. 07., and will change from day to day. However, some games are already so cheap that it would be a sin not to highlight them in one such article.Of course, most of the discounted games are aged three and over, and a good portion of them are of indie productions. But


E3 The Conferences - Sony Playstation

Closing the conference schedule was Playstation's offering or, as they now call it, their E3 Media Showcase. Despite some technical difficulties, on Twitch at least, what was shown was strong. And this was "all about the games" once again, with no presentations by developers, only Shaun Layton appearing to welcome everyone and close out. But what was shown?Kicking off the show was a triple header, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds and a gameplay trailer of Days Gone. Showing off using the environment to work in your favor there was, unfortunately, no release date given.Monster Hunter World,

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