The Crew 2 Review and Visual Comparisons.

The Crew 2 so far is a huge step backwards in visual design and fidelity, the game seems to lack a certain love for attention to detail that the previous title had. I been wondering if the issues found in the game would be something to be fixed later with a patch, so far the game on release and Beta has had several imperfections and lacks what we call "Quality Of Life" features and optimizations.In the first The Crew game, everything felt alive and entertaining to look at while driving around. You could just randomly place a waypoint anywhere in the

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Review

Bloodstained is the Castlevaniest Castlevania game since Castlevania, no wonder since it's developed by Inti Creates. The game is a fantastic throwback platformer in every way from graphical fidelity and scrolling lore texts of looming evil.The interesting thing tho is how out of every game out there, and out of every time someone mentioned "This is the Dark Souls of [X]", it's actually amazing how similar Castlevania and Dark Souls really are despite being totally different genres, you can really tell where certain key mechanics and level design directing styles were created back in the day. You need to think before you

Prismata Review

Prismata is a game that appeals to those who enjoy games like Hearthstone but don't like randomness.I've been a fan of card games for years. Pokémon played a major role in my entertainment as I grew up. Not only did I play the games with friends but also collected, traded and battled cards too. This transitioned to other physical games until Hearthstone was released and I made the jump to the digital age for collecting cards. An issue I have with Blizzard's popular title is the random elements that take effect and can really screw a player over.  This is something I found

Staxel Review

Minecraft and Stardew Valley have had a baby, and its name is Staxel. This cute little indie game takes the best from both worlds and lumps it together. The result is a beautiful, vibrant cuboid world.Staxel, developed by Plukit and published by Humble Bundle, is at its core a farming simulator. But that’s not to say it isn’t unique. Staxel is very ambitious, taking on elements from Minecraft (mostly the blocky graphics) as well as deriving parts from Stardew Valley. Yet it seems a lot freer than the latter, and has slightly more purpose than the former.When you first start out, it’s Spring the 1st. It’s a warm-looking day… but

RIOT: Civil Unrest Review

Imagine it’s a cool December afternoon in Italy. You and several hundred others gather together with signs in hand and a plan to push into a police-guarded construction camp by nonviolent means in protest of, what you believe, to be a frivolous and unnecessary high-speed transit line. As your legion approaches the gates they are met with riot-gear-clad police bent on pushing you all back. Do you urge your comrades to push through nonviolently, or do you consider the possibility that you may need to fight your way in, whatever it takes to get your voice heard?  Welcome to our Riot:

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